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The town of Rajkot, belonging to the saurashtra region of Gujarat in India is popular for end number of things that one would have never even imagines of. Straight from monumental architecture to the handicrafts and silk embroideries, every product and every historic tale still echoes in the streets of this town.

Rajkot restaurants are of those kinds where visitor can go without any hesitation and queries or doubt regarding the health and hygiene issues as these restaurants assure you with the 100% homelike and pure food which is going to be served on your table. The food items that are cooked deliciously simply reveal the affection of the cook and chef that he tries to pour into his dishes so as to satisfy the client and make him feel contented. But most importantly, the service staff of restaurants in Rajkot adds flavor to the multi cuisines with their magic touch and lovable method of serving the clients. It does not matter if the dish is tasty or not, but one thing is for sure, that the visitors here are going to keep having more of it because its service staff would just not let them go without serving them with the food items repeatedly for at least two times.

Rajkot restaurants have simply changed the definition of methods and environment one should have while having their meals. There are those hotels which are situated in the outskirts of the town with a lush green surrounding and also a mini kind of kids’ amusement park and many such other activities that would give sort of picnic like experience to its visitors. Restaurants in Rajkot are also those that belong to ancient times but have revived their hotels by with the passage of time. But the fact remains that only the infrastructures changes, the quality and quantity they have been serving has remained still the same. Restaurants in Rajkot that has developed within the Rajkot hotels is best of their kinds and is available for the whole day and night. Especially the restaurants that have developed in the outskirts of the town remain available 24*7.

Hotels in Rajkot not only provide the visitor with comfortable and excellent interiors but also offer with the indigenous food along with other cuisines like rajasthani, Punjabi, north and south Indian, continental dishes like Italian, Mexican. These hotels also have a small pantry area, or a cafeteria, along with a pastry corner that would delight its visitors till mid night. Luxury hotels in Rajkot specially has the cooks and chefs hired from various states of India so as to bring the perfection and the typical flavor to the dishes belonging to various regions. Rajkot hotels provide the best of best amenities like express check in and check out, separate luggage area, electronic safety in every room, 24*7 in-room services, etc. places to visit in Rajkot are many temples, dargahs and museums, saurashtra cricket association stadium, Lang library, rotary dolls museum, Watson museum, rashtriya shala, jubilee garden, Ramakrishna ashram, Alfred high school, kaba Gandhi no delo where gandhiji.

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